Maybank App Now Comes With Facial And Voice Recognition

Maybank has updated its mobile app with two new biometric options to unlock your account. These two new updates are facial and voice recognition, which will join the ranks of the fingerprint sensor.

Known as Face ID and Voice ID, these two new security features can be used with virtually any smartphone. Of course, there are a few minimum requirements like having at least a 2-megapixel front-facing camera and a microphone (which every phone does in this day and age.) This allows users who are owners of a smartphone without a built-in fingerprint reader to have the same level of security features as everyone else.

Much like QuickTouch – the fingerprint authentication reader – users can now check their bank balance and other details with Face and Voice ID. Unfortunately, the update still doesn’t allow you to approve transactions through these new features as you will still need to input your password.

If you want to make the change from QuickTouch to Face ID & Voice ID, simply log-in to your Maybank account on your smartphone and follow these three simple steps.

The Maybank app can be found on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you already have it, be sure to update it to get the latest updates.


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