Property Guru Malaysia introduces GuruDeals and Home Affordability Tool

PropertyGuru Malaysia launches two industry-first initiatives which are GuruDeals and PropertyGuru Home Affordability Tool. This is to help homebuyers in Malaysia overcome their two biggest pain points when buying a home. GuruDeals directly addresses the home affordability issue by offering over RM1 million worth of total savings on new properties thereby enabling more Malaysians to get on the property ladder. Tthe PropertyGuru Home Affordability Tool addresses the high loan rejections in the country by giving property seekers almost instant information and insights on the home loan amount they can secure. These two initiatives bring to life PropertyGuru’s role as a trusted advisor to property seekers and signals the advent of a new era of customer experience in the Malaysian property sector.

Sheldon Fernandez, PropertyGuru Malaysia’s Country Manager says, “With the launch of GuruDeals and PropertyGuru Home Affordability Tool today, we’re truly empowering Malaysians to look forward to home and realise their longstanding aspiration of finding and owning their own home. As the leading and most independent property portal in Malaysia, we are well-positioned to work with top developers to provide compelling, exclusive offers to homebuyers. GuruDeals aims to highlight smart property buys at attractive entry points for Malaysians and is designed to help first-time homebuyers get their foot on the property ladder and for upgraders to move up the ladder.”

An industry first, GuruDeals enables homebuyers to pick up Malaysia’s biggest property offers. Through a strategic tie-up with leading property developers, PropertyGuru brings together a wide range of residential projects across the country and provides over RM1 million worth of total savings to prospective buyers.

Meanwhile, the Home Affordability Tool helps Malaysians determine their creditworthiness and home loan eligibility. The PropertyGuru Home Affordability Tool is the first-ever online loan eligibility solution in Malaysia and is developed in collaboration with MHub, a real estate fintech platform that helps qualified buyers to get their homes and powered by CTOS,  Malaysia’s leading credit reporting agency. Leveraging consumer credit insights and comprehensive data from CTOS and MHub’s proprietary algorithm, the PropertyGuru Home Affordability Tool requires prospective buyers to key in their personal details to almost immediately retrieve their estimated eligible loan amount, Debt Service Ratio (DSR) and personalised advice on how to improve their DSR.

Equipped with this knowledge, buyers are better equipped to not just avoid home loan rejection but also better strategize their budget for buying a home.

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