A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed today between NanoTextile Sdn. Bhd. and Malaysian Textile and Apparel Centre (MATAC). This MoU represents the first strengthening step in gearing up the development, advancement and commercialisation of nanotechnology in Malaysia’s textile industry. The ceremony was held in conjunction of Technical Textiles & Smart Apparel (TTSA) National Seminar 2018 at Swiss Garden Hotel, Melaka. This event is a joint effort and collaboration between MATAC and the Textile Research Group (TRG), UiTM Shah Alam, dedicated to create a platform for industry players in local textile community from the textiles, technical textiles, apparel, retailing and fashion industry or the public at large.

Commenting on the MoU, Dr. Thomas Ong Poh Shing, the Chief Executive Officer of NanoTextile responded,

“NanoTextile continues to exploit more foreground technologies and accelerate nanotechnology innovation. We catalyse commercialisation through local and international collaborations through technology co-development, technology transfer and co-investments. Nanotechnology makes possible collaboration between NanoTextile with upstream and downstream textile players without disrupting the supply chain. We believe, this partnership will instead, increase the competitive value of Malaysia’s textile industry through greater deployment of technical textile products locally and internationally, strengthening the entire textile ecosystem.”

The President of MATAC, Regina Leong also commented that the collaboration marks a key milestone in elevating the textile and apparel industry in Malaysia.

The parties have expressed readiness to cooperate and to make joint efforts in sharing positive insights, initiatives and implementation of collaborative projects aim at responding to the emerging technologies and its adaptation growth in Malaysia’s textile industry. Specifically, these efforts are intended to reduce overlaps and duplication, and ensuring a complementary approach to textile research and innovation. This would create synergies that enable all objectives toward realisation of a holistic commercialization of nanotechnology-enhance textile products.

NanoTextile seeks to continually promote technical textile commercialisation tapping on innovative potential of nanotechnologies. While the general public perceives apparel as a traditional industry that is no longer competitive for continued development, the truth is that there is a wide area of nanotechnology invention which is ready for exploitation and commercialization. Partnerships with MATAC, an entrusted entity for training and continuous development in textile, will enable both parties to keep abreast with new capabilities and innovations. Opportunities for exchanges, cooperation, joint research and development and commercialisation of interface technologies will therefore be identified and encompassed the ultimate objectives.


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