G13 Gallery Showcases ‘Victress Niche’

In conjunction with ‘International Women’s Day, G13 Gallery proudly presents ‘Victress Niche’, by 9 Malaysian female artists named Alexandra Hon, Alicia Lau, Amy Nazira, Eryn, Liew Mei Toong, Raimi Sani, Trixie Tan, Yim Yen Sum, and Yuki Tham.

‘Victress Niche’ is focusing on how different individuals, particularly 9 women artists contemplating juncture of their life and translating them into varieties of approach in their art making. It is interesting to see how being a woman in a certain community, especially an artist, could also nurture one selves to having a voice in expressing their personal experience to the society. This exhibition stresses on reexamining justification of the stylistic dogma which sometimes applies to women artists, which they are believed to confine to only certain feminine styles or qualities. In addition, this exhibition is also about redefining the evaluation of aesthetic tendency that is actually more individualistic rather than gender-inclined.

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