Japanese Goes Vegetarian At Shiang Hai

Vegetarian food is no longer boring and bland with the opening of  a new Japanese Style vegetarian F&B outlet called Shiang Hai. It is not your typical vegetarian restaurant but a restaurant that caters fresh and healthy eats for modern healthy lifestyles.

Customers perception will change when they delight in the colourful and visually appealing vegetarian sushi rolls with all the natural goodness of nature, fillings combined into a perfect blend of tastes made on-the-spot to ensure freshness. Indulge without the guilt – no worry about carbs or salty sauces – rolls filled with healthy green and fruits.

Now, sushi can’t get anymore healthier and exciting to satisfy your gastronomical needs when you dine at Shiang Hai.

In addition, the restaurant currently serves up to seventy types of vegetarian dishes prepared and created by skilled master chef calibre.

For more information go to fb/shianghaimalaysia.


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