Malaysia’s First Woman Stockbroker

YM Tan Sri Dato’ Paduka Tengku Noor Zakiah Ismail, Founder and Adviser of Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd, launches her memoir ‘Tengku Noor Zakiah: Malaysia’s Pioneering Stockbroker’ in conjunction with her 93rd birthday celebration.

The memoir published by MPH Group Publishing captures her journey and life stories as a successful Malaysian entrepreneur including the co-founding of K&N Kenanga Sdn Bhd in 1973 with Tuan Haji Kamaruddin Taha and later transforming it to Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd, known today as the largest independent investment bank in Malaysia.

In the book, it tells the origins of the company’s name and Tan Sri Tengku Noor Zakiah’s ventures into the stock market in the 60’s where she acquired her stock broking license and co-founded the company.

Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Malaysia’s former Minister of International Trade and Industry, describes Tan Sri Dato’ Paduka Tengku Noor as an inspiration to young women and men. “The memoirs of Tengku Noor Zakiah will spur the young adults of Malaysia to strive to benchmark their performance to the highest level possible, and venture into new sectors continuously being opened up by the process of globalisation. Tengku Noor Zakiah is an inspiration as she continues to prove that there is no barrier for success in any endeavour.”

“Tengku Noor Zakiah’s autobiography tells not only her story but the story of Malaysia. Told through a series of vignettes, interwoven with key moments from the nation’s history, we see how the family values and entrepreneurial spirit honed in her youth have shaped her into the formidable businesswomen she is today. A truly remarkable book about a truly remarkable Malaysian,” said Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of Air Asia.

According to Datuk Mohaiyani Shamsudin, Chairman of Maybank, Tan Sri Tengku Noor Zakiah is no ordinary woman as she has set aside nobility to take on challenges in a unique way. “Tengku Noor Zakiah is truly an epitome of success not just for being the first lady stockbroker in Malaysia but for transforming the firm she started in 1964 into the independent investment bank it is today: Kenanga Investment Futures.”

“Tengku Noor Zakiah is a great role model and example to all Malaysians, and especially women. She deserves all the success she’s achieved as it’s all built with resilience as humility,” said Tan Sri Azman Hashim, Chairman of AmBank Group and shared his best wishes for Tan Sri Tengku Noor Zakiah.



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