FELDA to carry out 463 infrastructure projects with RM 286 million allocation

The Federal Land Development Authority has received an allocation of over RM 286 million under the Economic Stimulus Package from the government.

The allocation is said to fund 463 infrastructure projects in Felda areas.

General Manager, Othman Omar said that Felda had begun the two-day balloting session for 143  infrastructure projects under the stimulus package.

“Approval for the large allocation by the prime minister reflected the government’s concern towards improving the settlers’ quality of life and fostering their social mobility,” said Othman.

The projects under the allocation will further include slope upgrading projects to prevent landslides, community infrastructure. upgrading projects, drainage improvement projects and highway upgrading projects.

Felda will also be closely monitoring the works being done to ensure the projects awarded were completed within the prescribed period and in lieu with the highest quality.


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