MADX Panel selects IBM Cloud to offer enhanced digital services to Malaysian enterprises

IBM Malaysia's managing director, Catherine Lian

IBM has announced that MADX Panel, the leading Malaysian fintech software solutions company, is implementing IBM Cloud solutions to improve digital services for its micro, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) clients across Malaysia and the wider Southeast Asia region.

Prior to working with IBM, MADX had experienced unstable performance, limited support and opaque charges from its incumbent public cloud provider which negatively impacted its operational performance and client satisfaction. By migrating to IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers, MADX is now able to optimise costs, enable stable computing resources and high performance, as well as scale to meet application demand in the future.

The security-rich IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers offer maximum performance and enable MADX to deploy and scale web hosting solutions tailored to its specifications, with over 11 million configurations. All inbound and outbound traffic on the IBM Cloud private network is unlimited and offered between any IBM Cloud data center worldwide — at no charge.

“Collaborating with IBM will enable us to enhance our digital capabilities and continue developing innovative products and services for our clients at a competitive cost. By implementing IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers, we can now create value for our clients and provide secure and high-performance business solutions. We are able to help our SME clients grow to be future-proof businesses,” said Ribena Lai, MADX Panel Director.

“SMEs in Malaysia require cost-effective and highly performant cloud solutions to advance their digital capabilities and create smarter business processes that allow for greater innovation. Our collaboration with MADX Panel will help its SME clients gain a competitive advantage using IBM Cloud technology and allow them to continue contributing to the Malaysian economy,” said Catherine Lian, Managing Director of IBM Malaysia.

IBM is working with governments and corporations from multiple sectors across the region to infuse cloud and AI into operations and business processes. IBM’s open, secure, hybrid cloud approach gives clients the flexibility to deploy AI and cognitive applications and services at scale, with thousands of new use cases across industries. Other IBM Cloud small and medium-sized clients in ASEAN include:

  • Small business consulting specialist, M and M Business Solutions in the Philippines. The company turned to IBM Cloud to help it implement a consumption-basis cloud model that allows its clients to smoothly transact with them – avoiding almost US$700 of lost revenue per hour per transaction. Now the company can scale applications on demand, without the need to purchase and physically install new computing capacity or to overprovision hardware to manage peak traffic periods.

  • In Indonesia, Skyegrid, a cloud gaming platform company that gives gamers access to premium games that can be played anywhere, anytime through mobile data services, chose IBM Cloud platform to meet its growing number of subscribers and deliver a top notch gaming
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