Alibaba Survey Reveals Cloud Adoption A Key Factor For Malaysian Business Continuity

Alibaba Cloud in their recent survey found that 84 percent of Malaysian businesses believe cloud-based tools or digital adoption are a prevalent factor to their business continuity since Covid -19 and are on the lookout for more cost effective cloud solutions.

The survey also found that 76 percent of Malaysian respondents believe cloud-based tools have helped the business operational needs during Covid-19. Although cloud-based IT solutions have been implemented by businesses (72 percent), however, It was lower as compared to neighboring Singapore (87 percent). 

Jordy Cao, General Manager of Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, said, “The pandemic has transformed many businesses, advancing them along the path of digitalisation. We have seen numerous companies prioritising investment in cloud-based IT solutions to enable a flexible workspace, making it the starting point of their cloud migrations. We will continue to support Malaysian businesses on their cloud transformation journeys with solutions that are easily deployed, readily integrated into companies’ existing IT infrastructure, and secured with cutting-edge technologies.”

Driven by remote working culture, 40 percent of respondents from Malaysia believe that using cloud-based IT solutions bring significant impact and enables a flexible workplace, the highest among the markets surveyed. Meanwhile, 66 percent of respondents have developed support to use cloud-based IT solutions for their business as compared to pre-pandemic.

Notably, when considering their adoption, businesses in Malaysia was also found to be concern most about the cost-effectiveness of this new solution.  In hindsight, this brings an opportunity for cloud providers to implement new strategies and deliver strong computing tools.

The survey also found that over half of the companies in each of the markets surveyed have adopted solutions from providers originating in Asia, including Malaysia (59 percent). This is supported by 78 percent of Malaysian companies believing that cloud providers deliver on their promises.

In response to that, Malaysian respondents also reported a small talent pool, low confidence among the business community, and the lack of an ecosystem to nurture innovation as the biggest challenges to growing Asian innovation. This also indicates the areas in need of greater focus in the future is with regard to affordability. 

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