Digital Adoption And How Many Businesses Haven’t A Clue

Speaking at the Cyberview Tech Talk “Surviving A Pandemic: What it means to digitally transform your business”, Director of Business Digital Adoption at  Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Muhundhan Kamarapullaai, shared most companies have realised that digital adoption plays a big part and they must act accordingly. However, many are facing challenges in terms of not knowing where to start and  what  are the opportunities out there for them. 

“When we talk about digital adoption, we are paying more attention to the traditional business, the less savvy ones. Tech companies are way ahead in term of going digital. Their technological advancement have been ahead even before the outbreak,” he said. 

It is crucial to identify problem solving solutions according to our business needs so we can break it down into chunk and processes. So then we can easily identify who the key players are to connect with who could provide the digital solutions.

‘’Although the excitement is there and we are at the infancy stage, we must focus on having the right structure to leverage the digital adoption to change the entire business, ” Muhundhan added. 

Furthermore, he suggested two key areas  to focus on when starting out. “Businesses can focus first on the customer experience and customer service. Find ways to connect with customers. Now, more than ever, everyone is selling online and it’s an ideal time  to leverage on their social media platforms,” he said.

Adding to it, regardless of which industry, Stephen Lim, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of NEXPlatform emphasised business players must react fast, better and cheaper in building the right structure by looking at financial commitments and capacity they are able to adopt.

‘’Businesses must continue to seek out the digital gap to establish their digital solutions. Going digital means most companies are also already adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI). Having a data collection alone is not enough. Nonetheless companies must be able to use the data to automate and drive better decision making,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Moovby, Nik Muhammad Amin believed that the pandemic has changed the way people commute and that motivates them to diversify their offerings.

“Moving forward, businesses must seek to embrace the digital movement and think innovatively. It is important to adopt the digital business mindset. Key players must think big, not small,” Nik concluded.

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