Supahands To Incorporate Machine Learning Into Carousell’s Search and Recommendation Functions

Supahands Chief Revenue Officer, Greg Meehan.

End-to-end data labeling partner for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence company, Supahands has been chosen by online marketplace, Carousell to enhance customers’ shopping experience.

Carousell will incorporate Supahands to evaluate the search relevance algorithms for the Machine Learning models to improve the search and recommendation functions on the marketplace’s platform.

The aim is to create a more personalised user experience by showing customers what they need and when they need it. Carousell has seen significant improvement in the search relevance, that is further validated by an equally significant drop in related user reports since 2020.

Carousell’s Head of Data Science and Data Engineering, Puneet Garg

“Supahands’ evaluations of our search results have added significant clarity and value to our search and recommendation models, and we are looking forward to further enhancing our technology and supporting our customers for both merchants and buyers,” Head of Data Science and Data Engineering at Carousell, Puneet Garg said. 

“Supahands’ flexibility and scalability as a data labeling partner has enabled Carousell to enhance their models quickly and effectively, supporting Carousell to continuously make transactions easier. We are looking forward to a long partnership ahead and will continue to challenge our own processes to grow alongside Carousell’s increasing demand for quality data,” Chief Revenue Officer at Supahands, Greg Meehan said.


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