KPower To Develop Solar Photovoltaic Energy With Government Authorities In Pahang

KPower Berhad has been shortlisted by the Energy Commission (EC) to develop a large scale solar photovoltaic plant of 50 megawatts in Pekan, Pahang through competitive bidding for the fourth cycle of the Large-Scale Solar (LSS4) opened by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA).

KPower Group Managing Director, Mustakim Mat Nun said, “The successful bid represents our first foray into LSS projects, and this shortlisting represents a testament to our ability to expand into the solar segment in a significant way.”

“We believe that the LSS projects together with our current net energy metering program will further enhance our competitive edge in the renewable energy space. Through LSS and NEM, KPower is envisaged to be a major solar player in Malaysia and we will seek similar opportunities overseas through our current regional platform,” he added. 

KPower will collaborate with the local authorities from Pahang State Development Corporation to enhance the project.

Other shortlisted companies includes Asiabina Properties Sdn. Bhd, Classic Solar Farm Sdn. Bhd and Gopeng Berhad.  

The LSS4, which has a total electricity generation capacity of 1,000 MW or 1 gigawatt is the largest capacity offered under the large scale solar (LSS) programme so far.

In comparison, LSS3 has a capacity of 500 MW while LSS1 and LSS2 have combined capacities of 958 MW. Under LSS4, the solar power plant is expected to start operating by end of 2023.

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