Hennessy’s Tasting Committee Members Reveals A New Intangible Tasting Experience With The Help Of Technology

The Hennessy’s Tasting Committee members have experimented a new immersive experience in blending and tasting with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a specialized electroencephalogram (EEG) presented through the pioneer in media and aesthetics of data artist, Refik Anadol.

Combining technology, machine intelligence, neuroscience and art, Refik has created an artwork masterpiece by collecting data sets and translating them into artful swirls. This is done by incorporating techniques from AI and machine learning algorithms.

During the tasting, Refik has captured the sensorial data from each member as they enjoyed the blend. This includes real-time emotions, experiences and sensations, including heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature and brainwaves.

The data collected was then translated into pigments and turned into a three-dimensional sculpture named Sense of Heritage, which is the name of Hennessy’s latest bottle design.

Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia and Singapore’s Managing Director Thomas Bouleuc said, “It was a perfect collaboration for Hennessy as Refik’s experiment has brought our brand to greater technological advancements. Hennessy will no longer only be known for its timeless heritage but also known for keeping it current and relatable for generations to come, with innovation and change as we step into this technological era.”  

Incredibly amazed by the experiences, he welcomes such technological advancement into Hennessy as it can push the brand to new heights while at the same time preserve its timeless heritage and history.

“This immersive and unprecedented experiment truly is the future of technology and I am excited to see what else it can offer, especially after witnessing Refik’s incredible journey with Hennessy,” Thomas said.

Meanwhile, Refik said, “I’m an artist who uses technological algorithms for my art creations. When I went to Hennessy, what inspired me was the idea of bringing to life its rich heritage with the help of technology. I was most fascinated by what transpired from this experiment.”

“It was such a wild moment because every single thing they were sensing, feeling and thinking were visible and quantifiable. I am a nerd at heart, and technological experiments like this gives me an out of this world experience,” he added.

“I worked with our in-house neuroscientist where we brainstormed how we should approach this experiment and built the device. Do we use special sensors for the wrists, head or how do we get the skin conductivity and blood pressure,” he added. 

During the experiment, over an hours’ worth of data was collected, which amounted to about one terabyte (TB) of data, but only one percent of it was used for the sculpture.

The entire process was recorded to help them pinpoint the exact moment when it happened. The exact moment of sensing was then extracted and filtered with AI, which deep dived into the milliseconds.

“It took us about six months to process the data. It was a lot of work but I think the most powerful and significant moment we witnessed was when all of the members reached the point of agreement. How is it even possible for such different individuals to reach the same feelings, emotions and senses at the same time,” he said. 

Refik added that the moment was a powerful assurance that they are all tasting, feeling and sensing the same thing after sipping the blend. These sensations can only be visible with the help of machine intelligence. He described it as going into the heart of Hennessy’s timeless DNA and decrypting its sensorial legacy.

Meanwhile, Hennessy’s Global Brand Ambassador Jordan Bushell said that this collaboration with Refik is timely and a step forward for Hennessy’s heritage and legacy.

“We have always been looking for unique collaborations to help us stay ahead in a few different ways. Refik and this technological experiment is a good representation of that, as like Hennessy, he is always pushing the boundaries in his field of expertise.”

“This experiment has opened up my mind to see things a lot differently from various perspectives regarding blending and tasting,” he said.For the first time ever, consumers who purchase this Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Limited Edition bottle will get to try out the immersive experience for themselves. 

Every purchase comes with a special invitation to the pop-up activation in One Utama Shopping Centre Old Wing, Ground Floor from June 25 to 27. Each consumer will be required to register via a microsite: hennessy.vip/refikpurchase to book their slot

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