Etika Doubles Down On Sustainability Efforts To Promote Greener Initiatives Within Industry

Etika Sdn Bhd has renewed their sustainability effort in a bid to promote environmentally conscious practices both within the FMCG industry and the customer level, through various key pillars which includes reducing carbon emission, sourcing sustainable ingredients, innovation in packaging and waste reduction.

Khalid Alvi, Chief Executive Officer of Etika Group of Companies (Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei) said, “Etika has always been driving a positive impact within the Malaysian society, whether it is through our refreshing beverages or creative campaigns. With our renewed sustainability initiatives in place, we hope that we can drive that impact on a larger scale, effectively addressing the environmental and social concerns that we face today.

The halal beverage manufacturer has already committed to sustainability practices through obtaining raw ingredients such as sugar and palm oil from local producers, using 100 percent FSC certified paper for their operational and packaging needs, and now Etika is committed on reducing plastic waste by incorporating more recyclable materials and ensuring paper being used are sourced in eco-friendly manner.

Etika is also working diligently on waste management, waste reduction and recycling. Beside working on implementing the 4Rs of waste management (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover) across all everyday operations, Etika has also developed a successful waste segregation system at the production line.

The implementation of this system has allowed Etika to recycle over 4 tons of beverage cans, 23 tons of paper cartons and 71 tons of plastic, amounting to over 98 tons of material that was recycled in 2020 and a cost saving on waste management.

The community initiatives driven division, Etika Cares has run several campaigns and extended help to local groups including frontliners, small business owners, the recent flood victims and more to ensure that Etika is able to create value and drive impact for all stakeholders.

“Consumers have been responding positively to brands that are committed to environmentally sensitive and sustainable activities in recent years. This allows FMCG companies like Etika to rethink our current sustainability commitments and innovate models that result in beneficial outcomes across the value chain, whether it’s generating healthier goods or improving our business models,” Khalid Alvi added. 

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