HRD CORP’s Premier E-Learning Hub e-LATiH Surpasses 100,000 Users

The Human Resources Development Corporation (HRD Corp) announced that its free online learning hub e-LATiH has reached over 100,000 users, representing Malaysians from a wide range of age groups, socio economic backgrounds, work experiences and skillsets.

The hub, launched in February this year, saw an increase in the number of users between May and July this year, growing from 72,252 users on 28 May to 108,355 users this week, following the Movement Control Order that started on 1 June 2021.

e-LATiH was developed by HRD Corp in collaboration with Go1, one of the largest e-learning aggregators in the world. It features over 320 courses covering key skillset areas such as Personal Development, Project Management, Leadership, Marketing & Innovation, Programming, Digitalisation, Financial Skills, Languages, Communications and more.

The total number of users were almost equally divided between male and female at 48 per cent and 52 per cent respectively. It also includes Malaysians who are employed (70 per cent), unemployed (23 per cent) and self-employed (7 per cent), showcasing the dynamic nature of the platform and its ability to cater to an extremely varied group of learners.

From the number of employed users, over 26,000 (37 per cent) are managers and professionals. The platform however also sees a significant number of services and sales workers at 12,637 (18 per cent) and clerical support workers at 11,010 (16 per cent).

Unemployed Malaysians have also taken advantage of the platform’s free and extensive list of courses to learn new skills and improve their employment prospects. The majority of unemployed learners are students, at 9,227 users (39 per cent) and fresh graduates, at 6,733 or 28 per cent. Interestingly however, HRD Corp also recorded a significant number of housewives utilising the platform, at 12 per cent from the total of unemployed learners.

Those who are self-employed on the other hand, included people working in education (18 per cent), other services (such as florists, tour guides etc.) as well as accommodation or food and beverage services (10 per cent).

When looking at the breakdown across states, Selangor recorded the highest number of learners at 37,900 or 37 per cent. This was followed by Kuala Lumpur and Johor at 13,810 learners (14 per cent) and 8,976 learners (9 per cent), respectively.

According to Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri M Saravanan, Minister of Human Resources, “I am pleased to see e-LATiH’s success in the past few months especially given that Malaysians need such a platform to improve their knowledge and employment prospects during this challenging and highly competitive period. hope to see more Malaysians register and take advantage of the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge with e-LATiH soon.”

Datuk Shahul Dawood, Chief Executive of HRD Corp added, “e-LATiH was established as part of our mission to expand our role from driving the learning and development efforts for the Malaysian workforce to providing upskilling and reskilling opportunities for all citizens. Despite being a relatively new platform, we are pleased with its rapidly growing popularity. Beyond being free and easy to use, the platform offers an extensive and varied list of high-quality courses from reputable trainers and training providers around the world. This makes e-LATiH suitable for all Malaysians, regardless of where they are at in their lives, career journeys and more”.

The most popular courses on the platform vary significantly, with Microsoft Excel 365, Effective Leader’s Guide to Time Management and Powerful Presentation Skills making up the top three. To date e-LATiH has seen a total of 181,549 enrollments across all of its courses.

Malaysians interested to learn more or to experience e-LATiH’s courses can visit

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