JF Tech To Distribute ISC Co Test Contacting Solution For Worlds Biggest Semicon Market

Leading innovator and manufacturer of high-performance test contacting solutions for global integrated circuit makers, JF Technology have separately entered into agency agreements with South Korea’s world top test solution provider ISC Co., Ltd to distribute and become EOM for test contacting solution products in China, Malaysia and ASEAN.

ISC a listed entity on the Korean Exchange has market capitalisation of more than RM1.2billionon has 450 patents granted and 557 patent applications filed worldwide. It is also the world leader for two major segments, which is Silicone Rubber Sockets for Memory and Spring Probes Sockets for Micro Processors and Universal Test Applications.

Managing Director of JF Tech, Dato’ Foong Wei Kuong sees the positive synergy between the two company’s, there are four essential segments in the overall test socket market space currently valued at over RM4 billion and continues to grow at a very aggressive pace. JF Tech is one of the world’s leading companies in two of the four essential segments, which are the Short Rigid Pin Sockets catering for 5G and other High Frequency test applications and Cantilever Sockets for Automotive and High-Power test applications.

With the agency JF Tech now has all four major test socket offerings, providing a complete one-stop solutions to its customers. This bodes well for the company as it will significantly enhance its value proposition for its customers in China including Huawei.

Currently there is extensive demand for chips in industries like 5G and automotive which JF Tech is leveraging on, the two new product lines are to be more than 10 times the market size of its current Short Rigid Pin and Cantilever combined. The group also plans to manufacture the spring probe test sockets housing and integration at its upcoming manufacturing facility in Kunshan, China.

JF Tech has to date filed a total of 68 patents in various countries for 5G and Automotive testing applications, of which 33 patents have been granted with the remaining 35 pending approval.

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