Reinforcing Malaysia’s Cloud Ecosystem With The Best Offering

Jordy Cao

How do you feel about receiving this award?

Being recognised as the Best Cloud Services provider in 2021 by is a testament to Alibaba Cloud’s advanced and secure technological capabilities. As a trusted cloud provider, it also reinforces our understanding of the cloud market in Malaysia and the ecosystem that we are committed to building for helping local businesses to thrive. We want to take this opportunity to thank for recognizing our efforts, as we move forward to scale to greater heights. This award also is a commendation for all the hard work and efforts that our colleagues have put in, even during the very times of pandemic at which were not so favourable for all of us across the globe. We take this on us as a responsibility to continue to pioneer and innovate more in the cloud services industry.

What differentiates your cloud services to others?

Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, is the leading cloud services provider in Asia Pacific. We are also Malaysia’s leading cloud service provider with two data centres established locally in the market. With our robust, scalable, reliable, and secure cloud technologies and services, we are committed to accelerating Malaysia’s cloud adoption and digital transformation to support its national Digital Economy Blueprint. We are working towards making Malaysia a high-value-added economy and a net exporter of home-grown technologies and digital solutions by the end of this decade.

Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to businesses worldwide, including merchants on Alibaba Group marketplaces, start-ups, corporations and government organizations. Alibaba Cloud currently has 80 availability zones in 25 regions, serving millions of customers across the globe. It has been strengthening its capabilities in computing, storage, network, and security. We are the only global cloud service provider that has two data centres in Malaysia since Oct 2017.

With the help of our advanced infrastructure, we are fulfilling our local commitment to Malaysia by strengthening local partnerships and building a sustainable ecosystem while developing technical talents and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Malaysia.

What are some of the top qualities of your cloud services?

Alibaba Cloud provides a one-stop solution where businesses can find all cloud-related compliance services with good performance, high availability, and competitive list price.

We are also the biggest public cloud service provider in APAC. As the cloud provider for the world’s largest retail event, the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, our AI supported over 900 million consumers and 290,000 brands throughout the festival. Our cloud-native databases, including PolarDB, AnalyticDB and Lindorm, have helped mammoth online events like 11.11 to run smoothly even during peak periods.

We value security very highly and thus we have obtained a comprehensive range of attestation reports and certificates to ensure the security of our cloud platforms. At Alibaba Cloud, we also provide solutions and capabilities to help customers fulfil their security responsibilities on the cloud. in August 2018, Alibaba Cloud launched its first cloud based Anti-DDoS Scrubbing Centre in Malaysia to mitigate risks and offer customers the highest level of protection against stronger DDoS attacks.

How do you think your cloud services can benefit both individuals and businesses?

At Alibaba Cloud, we not only help organisations grow in their region of operations, but also provide a first-class ecosystem for companies to enter the Chinese and APAC market and vice versa. We have helped businesses expand and establish a supportive network of partners, technology vendors, service providers, system integrators, ISVs, and developers and customers globally to empower digital transformation across sectors.

We are committed to making Malaysia a high-value-added economy by the end of this decade. In line with this, and as we continue to work towards Malaysia’s national Digital Economy Blueprint, we are launching an Alibaba Cloud Innovation Centre in Kuala Lumpur this year. With this, we will be able to provide a conducive environment for start-ups and SMEs to grow in Malaysia and better serve Malaysians

Besides, Alibaba Cloud is committed to supporting the hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. We are the pilot of hybrid clouds and have supported many customer success stories across many industries. Inherited from Alibaba Cloud public cloud, Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud is equipped with a comprehensive set of full-stack product portfolios and solutions, enabling you to practice hybrid cloud in various business scenarios.

What more can we expect from your cloud services in 2022?

Alibaba Cloud’s growing momentum in Malaysia demonstrates how cloud-based intelligent solutions can be successfully applied for digital transformation in all industries. Building up a comprehensive network of ecosystem partners has been one of our main focuses this year in Malaysia. Moving into 2022, we will enhance our collaboration with more independent software vendors to provide tailor-made solutions to customers, and put more resources on managed service partners to improve service quality continuously, including training to cultivate more digital talents for local market.

2022 is the fifth year since we launched the first Alibaba Cloud Malaysia data centre in 2017 and the second data centre in 2018. We always put customers in the first priority with the commitment of “In Malaysia, For Malaysia”. With dual data centres in Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud will continue to help businesses reimagine and drive new growth in finance, retail, internet industry as well as digitalization needs of governments and large corporations through advanced, secure and robust cloud solutions

With the established Alibaba Cloud KL Innovation centre, we aim to provide a platform for relevant stakeholders such as starts-ups, developers, and VCs etc. It is our long-term commitment to nurture digital talents and contribute to local business development and we are looking forward to more start-ups and talents participating in the 2022 activities.

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