Digital Transformation in The Education Sector is Crucial for Student & Teacher Success

We recognise the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) vision in improving the national education system in Malaysia. Some improvement areas recently discussed in parliament include upgrading school infrastructure, easing teachers’ heavy workload, and improving the education syllabus.

As a global education technology partner, we believe that smarter technology is required for Malaysian schools to close these gaps in their digital transformation journey. To bring successful learning beyond the classroom, schools need to take a holistic approach comprising multi-layered solutions, new hardware paired with technological ability, and a can-do attitude.  

So where should they start? 

Equip with the Right IT Infrastructure 

Before schools start investing in devices, it’s fundamental that they are equipped with the basic IT infrastructure such as internet connectivity and charging spots. Proper infrastructure will increase the success of technology adoption in schools and empower a seamless digital transformation for both teachers and students.

Ensure Digital Literacy Amongst Teachers 

In an ever-evolving world, technology will continue to change and improve. Educators need to maintain a solid grasp of the technologies that cater to the needs of digital learners. Schools must prioritise digital literacy training, which covers topics such as core digital skills, how to use hardware and software solutions, and the latest trends in the tech industry.

As a trusted partner in the transformation journey, Lenovo has established the Lenovo EdVision Community programme in Malaysia with the aim to hone technological literacy and digital skills among students while providing resources and support for teachers to prepare them for a more digital educational landscape. 

Lenovo also hosts webinars and quarterly workshops designed to help both learners and their teachers navigate the new normal. Among the topics covered was mental wellness in the digital age and effective e-learning. Each incorporated how Lenovo devices, built for virtual classrooms, truly enhance learning experiences for all. Malaysian teachers can register on the Edvision Community website to be part of the community for free.

Alleviate Teachers’ Heavy Workload

The growing teacher workload has been a pressing concern for years. During school hours, teachers spend a large part of their day carrying out paperwork duties to administrative tasks. These day-to-day responsibilities consume a considerable amount of time, can be overwhelming, and take away from the core of a teacher’s job, which is educating the students. 

Technology may be the key to overcoming this. According to a 2022 study by Lenovo and Google, the right educational technology tools make core teaching activities more efficient for Malaysian teachers. 100% of teachers said that the introduction of solutions such as Google Workplace for Education (GWfE) has helped them save time in lesson planning, grading, and teaching. With the right technology, 56% of teachers also saved time up to 1-5 hours on non-teaching activities such as general admin work and school management per week. 

Digital transformation is about more than just the technology that powers it. Its success is also driven by a robust ecosystem of collaboration between educators, parents, school administrators, IT teams, and technology partners.

Ultimately, what students need more than anything is a human touch in an increasingly digitised world.

By Maslina Mohamad Nasir, Sales Director, Head of Public Sector, Lenovo Malaysia

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