Anwar To Meet P-Hailing Companies Over Reduced Commission For Riders

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be meeting up with all P-hailing companies that have recently reduced delivery rates for riders.

Anwar said he wants a clear explanation directly from the companies on the issue, which riders say has become a burden.

“Give me a week and I will call all these companies and relay all of your views”. This comes after delivery service providers reduced the rate from RM7 to RM6.

At the same, the Selangor state set out up a secretariat committee and coordination for e-hailing, gig riders, so that they can take their issues straight to the Chief Ministers or ministers on issues affecting them.

The government allocated RM1 million for the informal committee to coordinate issues concerning gig riders, and is aware of their plight on issues like loans, facilities, insurance, and Socso.

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