Special Holiday This Sunday Declared For Terengganu

Terengganu State has declared Sunday a Special public holiday in view of the state election taking place on Saturday (12 August) in an effort to make it convenient for voters from outstation to return back to the city.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Sansuri said the holiday was to make it easier for those working in the state who went back to Kelantan, Kedah, Selangor, Penang, and N Sembilan to vote will not need to rush back. The holiday was also for those who are involved in the election process, like the electorate, state workers, and civil servants who will need to work till late evening during the election day.

The announcement also comes after Selangor Chief Minister Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari declared a Special Holiday on Monday (14 August) for Selangor if the party retains a majority.

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