Parkson Demanded To Settle RM10 Million In Outstanding Rental By PKNS

Parkson Retail Asia Limited informs the Exchange that it had been issued a writ of claim to Parkson Corporation by PKNS Andaman Development Sdn Bhd for unpaid rental at its mall.

PKNS is seeking for RM10 million in an unpaid rental that it claims was not paid by the tenant at the premises leased, Evo Shopping Mall. Parkson said the amount was for an outstanding monthly rental from 2 April 2018 to June 2023, and thereafter at the rate of RM182,958.60 (approximately S$53,403) per month until the settlement of the said outstanding rental.

The mall owner has given Parkson Corp 14 days to settle the outstanding monthly rental from the date of judgment. Parkson Corp however maintains its position that no rental is payable as PKNS has failed to satisfy the conditions precedent as set out in the Tenancy Agreement for rental commencement to be triggered and PKNS’s act of issuing commencement notice pursuant to the Tenancy Agreement backdating the commencement date of rental without satisfying the conditions precedent is unlawful.

Parkson Corp said it has been advised by its solicitors that it has a strong case for maintaining its position and accordingly, has instructed its solicitors to file its defence.

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