Govt Allocates RM50mil For Sports Facilities Upgrade: Courtsite, PSM Lead Digital Transformation

From left, Haslinawati Abu Hassan, Assistant Manager (Marketing and Event Management PSM); En Khairul Azhar Bin Sardar Mohamad, Chief Officer (Marketing and Event Management PSM); Samuel Siew, Chief Executive Offic

Malaysia Stadium Corporation (PSM) and sports technology player Courtsite are joining forces to usher in a new era for Malaysia’s sports landscape. This collaborative effort, supported by a significant RM50 million allocation in Budget 2024 for the maintenance and upgrading of youth and sports facilities, underscores the Malaysian government’s commitment to fostering a robust national sports infrastructure.

Courtsite, at the forefront of sports technology, is leveraging its capabilities to digitally transform the sports ecosystem in collaboration with PSM. This partnership aligns seamlessly with PSM’s dedication to promoting healthy lifestyles within the community.

“In our relationship with Courtsite since April 2023, we’ve seen firsthand how the platform has led to increased efficiency, accessibility, and even revenue for both sports enthusiasts and facilitators. The aggregation of all the necessary management tools under one roof has paved the way forward for the digital transformation of the sports industry at large. All of us involved in management and operations at PSM are thrilled with the implementation of Courtsite. We’re immensely excited to see this influence spread even further throughout the nation,” shared PSM CEO, Mohd Faidz Sanusi.

Notably, PSM had previously announced its collaboration with the Youth & Sports Ministry, allowing schools to host sports days at three PSM-managed locations for free from October 2023 onwards.

Courtsite’s contribution lies in automating the booking process, streamlining reservation systems, and significantly reducing operational costs for PSM.

All of PSM’s facilities are now accessible 24/7, thanks to Courtsite’s innovative tools. The platform has processed over 3,000,000 hours of bookings, benefiting more than 200,000 users across 90 sports venues nationwide.

“Courtsite has processed over 3,000,000 hours of booking so far, and served more than 200,000 users over 90 sports venues nationwide. This not only marks Courtsite’s growth as a key sports technology player, but also serves as a resounding validation of the trust and confidence our users and partners have placed in us, for which we are grateful. Notably, millennials and Gen Zs especially — who are already tech-savvy and forward-thinking — are now perfectly positioned to benefit from using Courtsite to book sports facilities, including PSM’s offerings, and many more,” said Courtsite CEO, Samuel Siew.

The collaboration has resulted in substantial revenue growth across all of PSM’s facilities. Moreover, Courtsite’s efforts have opened up the National Sports Complex to the public at large, emphasising PSM’s commitment to providing world-class sports facilities accessible to all Malaysians.

Courtsite’s goals align with Malaysia’s National Sports Vision 2030 (VSN2030), specifically focusing on sports facility accessibility and digitalisation.

The platform’s role in making sports facilities easily accessible and enhancing governance through a data-driven approach positions it as a key player in supporting these national goals.

Courtsite’s services provide instant access to slot availability for users and operators, ensuring transparency and convenient adjustments. The platform’s built-in data analytics capacity allows facility owners to make informed business decisions through detailed breakdowns of revenue generation, customer behavior, and facility utilization.

Courtsite has digitized a diverse range of sports facilities, collaborating with statutory bodies, governing sports bodies, and international and government schools. The platform invites sports facilities owners, whether private, governmental, or educational, to be part of the sports ecosystem transformation.

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