Buffet Review: The Flavors Of Ramadhan Buffet At The Westin KL, A 5 Stars Hotel

As anticipation builds for the holy month of Ramadhan, I had the pleasure of experiencing a sneak peek into The Westin Kuala Lumpur’s upcoming Ramadhan Buffet, with their special theme this year “Kampung Nelayanku” focusing on seafood dishes.

My experience at The Westin Kuala Lumpur’s Ramadhan Buffet was nothing short of a culinary expedition. With almost 400 dishes to choose from, each offering a unique flavor profile, it promises to be a gastronomic haven for those seeking diverse and exquisite Ramadhan delights.

The Living Room of The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Step into the lavish embrace of sophistication at The Living Room, I would call it a gem nestled within The Westin Kuala Lumpur. With a spacious interior adorned with classy and comfortable furnishings, this venue sets the stage for refined gatherings and leisurely moments.

Whether you’re seeking an intimate table for two or a more extensive seating arrangement for a group, The Living Room caters to every preference.

The carefully curated design seamlessly blends opulence with comfort, creating an ambiance that invited us to unwind and savor the moment.

Most important, conveniently located on the same level, there are restrooms to ensure that every aspect of my experience is characterised by convenience and luxury.

Chef Amir’s Culinary Insights: Elevating the Ramadhan Experience

Upon arrival, the head chef, Chef Amir shared his culinary vision for this year’s Ramadhan buffet. He mentioned a subtle elevation in the offerings, with a touch of luxury, exemplified by the inclusion of fresh oysters – a departure from the previous year.

The theme centered around the sea, with a staggering 75% of the dishes dedicated to seafood, complemented by other delightful options. Chef Amir also emphasised the must-try Kambing Bakar, highlighting its rarity and the nuanced flavors of smoked meat.

Highlighted Dishes of the Day

The seafood section, constituting a significant portion of the buffet, did not disappoint. There were fresh crabs, prawns, scallops and oysters, my absolute favourite. The important part was, the buffet also prepared more than 5 types of sauces for us to dipped the seafood.

Freshness was paramount, evident in the unique experience of indulging in raw crab – a surprising revelation of sweetness that left a lasting impression.

Meanwhile the Kambing Bakar lived up to its reputation, with succulent meat expertly prepared. Though I found the accompanying sauce reminiscent of tabasco, and it was not really one of my favourite taste.

Dishes: Hits and Misses

Having an opportunity to embark on such journey to do a food review, I used the chance given to sample a myriad of dishes. The Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak, while delicious, left me yearning for a more pronounced kick from the tempoyak.

On the flip side, the Wok Fried Mussel Kam Heong Sauce garnered praise, although opinions varied on whether the sauce overpowered the mussel.

A standout moment was the combination of flavors between Salmon and Kuah Percik. The unexpected pairing resulted in an explosion of delectable tastes that left an indelible mark on my taste buds.

The Sate, featuring tender daging and ayam, showcased skilled culinary craftsmanship. We tried 2 skewers each and regret our decision.

Fitting in the Kampung Nelayanku Theme

For those who want to enjoy a Ramadhan buffet with “Kampung” dishes, the Westin Kuala Lumpur is prepared to enlighten your taste buds. I was so excited to see this luxurious buffet served Sambal Budu, one of my favourite condiments.

There were also “Kampung”-style desserts that we usually buy at Bazaar Ramadhan, and traditional biscuits.

One of my favourite sections during the buffet is absolutely the “Kerabu Muara” sections, serving 5 types of Kerabu and ulam-ulaman. To pair those ulam-ulaman with the Sambal Budu would be one of a top-notch moves.

A Dessert Treasury Box

The dessert section proved to be a treasure trove, offering traditional and modern delights. While Tapai failed to resonate with my palate, the Lava Cake and Pudding Roti stole the show with their irresistible decadence.

The Pulut Mangga, though rich and creamy, earned a moderate rating due to a perceived imbalance in mango quantity.

The Pana Cotta Teh Tarik, adorned with strawberries, provided a delightful fusion of flavors – a testament to the culinary innovation at The Westin.

The line-up of cakes are also an excellent view for a sweet-tooth like me. There were more than 5 types that I forgot the name of each of the cakes.

The Salad Sections

Nestled within the vast array of offerings at The Westin Kuala Lumpur’s Ramadhan Buffet is a vibrant and enchanting salad section. Bursting with colors and textures, the salad spread presents a feast for both the eyes and the palate, especially for the salad lovers.

The inclusion of purple cabbage and cherry tomatoes adds a delightful visual contrast for me who really love them, while the diverse array of sauces elevates the salads to a new level of gastronomic delight.

From tangy vinaigrettes to creamy dressings, the myriad of sauces ensures that every salad aficionado finds a perfect complement to their greens.

The careful curation of ingredients and sauces in the salad section underscores The Westin’s commitment to providing a holistic dining experience, where even the simplest of dishes are crafted with precision and flair.

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