Agmo, MSC Trustgate Tie Up To Enhance Security Features In e-Invoices

Agmo Holdings Berhad (Agmo) through its subsidiary – Jom eInvoice Sdn. Bhd. (JomeInvoice) inked a Memorandum of Understanding with MSC Sdn. Bhd in efforts to enhance e-Invoicing solutions in Malaysia as businesses navigate the complexities of digital transactions.

The alliance follows the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia’s necessity for digital signatures to be attached to e-Invoices issued to ensure the authenticity of these documents. Responding to this imperative, Agmo has forged an alliance with MSC Trustgate to integrate this critical feature into JomeInvoice, Agmo’s flagship middleware solution developed by its subsidiary, Jom eInvoice Sdn. Bhd.

Under the MoU, both parties will exchange technical expertise and industrial knowledge to enhance the JomeInvoice solution, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and bolstering security in e-Invoicing transactions.

A homegrown digital solutions and application development specialist, Agmo Holdings Berhad CEO Tan Aik Keong said: “The collaboration between Jom eInvoice and MSC Trustgate signifies our shared commitment to driving digital innovation in Malaysia. By leveraging on MSC Trustgate’s expertise in digital signature solutions, we aim to enhance the integrity and security of e-Invoicing transactions, providing businesses with a seamless and trusted platform to navigate the digital landscape.

“Moreover, businesses can expect streamlined onboarding processes, with the capability to obtain their digital signature certificates within just five working days, ensuring swift compliance with regulatory requirements and empowering them to engage in secure digital transactions promptly.”

The Solution will not only incorporate digital signature features but also streamline the promotion, marketing, and sales efforts to their respective client bases. This strategic collaboration between Jom eInvoice and MSC Trustgate underscores their dedication to empowering businesses with robust digital solutions, facilitating efficient e-Invoicing adoption across various sectors in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, MSC CEO Lo Nyan Tjing said: “MSC Trustgate is proud to partner with Jom eInvoice in revolutionising e-Invoicing solutions in Malaysia. Our digital signature platform, compliant with the Digital Signatures Act (DSA) 1997 and Digital Signature Regulation 1998 of Malaysia, will enhance the authenticity and non-repudiation of e-Invoices, instilling confidence in recipients. Together, we are poised to lead the digital transformation in Malaysia’s business landscape.”

As Malaysia progresses on its digital transformation journey, the collaboration between Jom eInvoice and MSC Trustgate sets a new standard for secure and efficient e-Invoicing solutions, driving innovation and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital era.

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