Celebrating Diversity And Autism Awareness Month

ParkCity Medical Centre’s Child Development Centre (CDC) illuminated the spectrum of diversity with its vibrant ‘COLOURS of Life’ event, celebrating Autism Awareness Month. The occasion, a kaleidoscope of activities and dialogues, brought together families, professionals, and supporters to honor the unique experiences of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

ParkCity Medical Centre, CEO, Dr Savitha Dharan emphasised the event’s significance, saying, “Autism Awareness Month is a time for community unity, understanding, and celebration of neurodiversity. ‘COLOURS of Life’ showcased our commitment to inclusivity, fostering enriching exchanges and insights among families and children.”

The event offered a mosaic of activities, including parent-sharing sessions led by Dr Rajini Sarvananthan and Dr Khairunnisa Mohamad Khalil, where families shared their journeys of raising neurodivergent children. Dr Rajini highlighted the individuality of each child’s growth, stressing personalized intervention plans tailored to their needs.

The Centre’s therapists provided free developmental screenings and consultations, empowering attendees with actionable insights. Sensory Play Booths and Matching Game booths provided immersive experiences, deepening understanding of sensory issues and enhancing communication skills.

The Mini Bazaar showcased local vendors’ crafts, including products by individuals with autism, celebrating their talents. An art corner displayed the creativity of exceptional children, fostering community spirit and appreciation.

Dr Dharan also shared future initiatives, including the ‘Beyond the Surface’ workshop, aimed at supporting children’s mental health and development.

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