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Sarawak Bridging Ties

Sarawak is fostering closer ties with international associations, federations and societies at the Associations World Congress from 12 – 14 March in Anthwerp, Belgium,...

IBM Helps Sarawak in its Digital Journey

The Sarawak State Government is collaborating with IBM Corporate Service Corps to equip its government agencies with strategic know-how as it embarks on its...

SCB Shines the Spotlight to Sarawak by Securing More Business Events

The Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB) and its industry partners have successfully secured another 89 Business Events (BE) by the end of 2017 (60 bids...

Sarawak: The Business of Culture

Sarawak welcomes the business worldSarawak. A state nicknamed Bumi Kenyalang, means “Land of the Hornbills”. An important cultural symbol for the Dayak people, the...
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