Schneider Electric Energy Panel Makes Homes Smart And Sustainable

Schneider Electric, is not just contend with making homes smart, the energy management company is incorporating another important element into its product that is ensuring we use energy sustainably. The global giant will be showcasing the next residential electrical panel the Wiser Energy Centre at CES 2021 that will allow users better control of how they consume energy.

The latest innovation the Wiser ecosystem is basically a energy centre that controls all energy needs of connected devices in one place using AI-enabled algorithms, this will enable home owners to head towards the net zero, self-sufficient homes ambition, giving more autonomy to end users.

Soon to be available for the European market, this grid-to-plug solution brings together the energy meter, EV charger, back-up generator, energy storage, solar inverter, and energy loads in the home, such as smart thermostats, into an intelligent energy management system that can address key pain points of resilience and efficiency in the home.

Where possible, the system prioritizes green energy power, ensuring power-hungry appliances and devices, including Electric Vehicles (EVs), consume most of their energy from the solar or decarbonized energy sources in the home. The system automatically switches from traditional to renewable energy.

The intelligent system achieves this by taking multiple factors into account, including time, the weather, the residents’ energy tariff and consumption patterns, storing large amounts of solar energy for emergency back-up power. This allows homes to maintain critical systems such as safety and connectivity, should traditional energy sources become unavailable.

The entry level version of the panel can monitor solar energy usage but can be upgraded with premium features, managing usage can be programmed for instance EVs are high load and expensive to charge if you need to do so at peak time the panel can help to manage these costs.

Installing the system is quite intuitive, the Schneider’s Wiser Energy Center embeds seamlessly into properties, integrating batteries and energy measurements from both the grid and the home. A single app controls the whole system, once installed, the open platform keeps evolving through software and product updates, its also compatible with a large number of third party solutions.

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