The Psychologies Collection

Title: Real Ambition: Quit Dreaming and Create Success Your Way

Author: Psychologies Magazine

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 978-0-85708-663-1

Published: August 2016, 216 pages

Have you ever stopped to think about what’s stopping you from realizing your ambitions? What kind of successful person do you want to be? If you think being ambitious is a negative trait, it’s time to think again.  Real Ambition will help you understand why some people achieve their ambitions and exactly what is getting in the way of yours. We will give you a clue – it’s YOU!

Packed full of scientific evidence and cutting edge global research, Real Ambition offers five simple secrets to success, giving you the tools to keep track of your dreams every day. Written in association with Psychologies Magazine the leading magazine for intelligent people, covering work, personal development and lifestyle issues Real Ambition is:

  • Packed full of tips, techniques and advice to help achieve your dreams
  • Based on scientific evidence and cutting edge global research
  • Rigorous with credible content presented in a light and accessible manner
  • Inspirational yet down to earth and practical

Inspirational and motivational, yet practical and down-to-earth, Real Ambition provides expert guidance and a roadmap to achieving your dreams.


Real Focus: Take control and start living the life you want

Author: Psychologies Magazine

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 978-0-85708-660-0

Published: May 2016, 184 pages

Most people today have the tendency of cancelling dinner plans with friends because they’re so busy or tired. But life’s not supposed to be like that. You’re not supposed to feel like life is a whirlwind of a never-ending To-Do list. All you need to do, is focus.

Real Focus can help you determine how focus you are and work around it. From being too busy, prioritising your tasks, what’s been distracting you on a daily basis, to finally help you reclaim your focus and do what matters most.


Real Strength: Build your resilience and bounce back from anything

Author: Psychologies Magazine

Publisher: Captone

ISBN: 978-0-85708-669-3

Published: August 2017, 192 pages

Adversity is an inescapable part of life, but it’s how you deal with it that really counts. Resilience is about using those challenges, however large or small, to reset your course and create the life you want.

Real strength is not just about surviving hard times, but thriving as well despite the challenges. Real Strength will be able to help you:


  • Feel more confident in your ability to overcome change
  • Tap into and build on the inner resilience you already have
  • React in a healthy way to problems and opportunities
  • Avoid the common pitfalls that rob you of your strength
  • Adopt new techniques to help you start getting stronger today

When life knocks you back, you need to tap into those reserves of strength and find a way to move forward again. You are strong, you are brave and you are about to take the first step.


Real Calm: Handle stress and take back control

Author: Psychologies Magazine

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 978-0-85708-666-2

Published: May 2017, 208 pages

Real Calm is your guide to getting rid of stress for good. The unrelenting demands of everyday life never stop, and stress is a natural byproduct of modern life; you cannot change that, but you can change your response. Psychologies Magazine, the leading magazine for intelligent people, explores stress, calm and the spectrum in between to show you how to cope.

Packed with tips, ideas and expert insight, this book draws on cutting edge global research to help you understand your brain’s response to stress and build real calm into your everyday life. What does life look like when you’re calm? What are the obstacles standing in your way? How is stress affecting you right now? Let the experts guide you to the answers you need, and start living better today.

Everyone knows that stress is bad for your health, relationships, productivity and quality of life — but how can we avoid it? The answer is we can’t — we can only temper our response, use the stress as a tool or make it go away. This book shows you how, with clear, helpful advice and a real-world focus on the little things that have a great impact on your day-to-day.

  • Explore what real calm means to you
  • Learn what’s standing between you and your peace of mind
  • Identify your stressors and develop a self-care plan
  • Deal with the big things, and let the little things go


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